Our mission is to build creativity with sound and thoughtful planning, consulting, research, facilitation that inform and enable decision-makers to create and sustain programs and places for arts, culture and creativity that benefit their communities.

To that end, five core values drive our firm:

  1. A passion for finding achievable and sustainable strategies for every assignment, organization and community
  2. The desire to engage in meaningful and relevant research
  3. The integrity to pursue the right answer as opposed to the easy answer
  4. A commitment to collaboration and partnerships
  5. A belief in the positive and beneficial impacts of the arts and creative industries on people, communities, and society

In accordance with our mission and values, we aspire to:

  • Deliver effective and efficient services that are comprehensive and collaborative
  • Provide value via creative solutions and realistic tactics to achieve them
  • Create a body of work that has long-term value to the arts and creative industries
  • Assemble the right combination of skills and experience to suit the needs of each client
  • Inspire discussion and innovation within the field
building creativity
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