• The Performing Arts Center of 2032
    In April 2007, Webb Management Services hosted a conference in New York City to consider the future of performing arts facilities. Over the course of two days, forty performing arts facility managers from around the country worked through a series of presentations and discussions on audiences of the future, where performing arts disciplines are headed, what is happening in the area of arts funding and how, then, buildings should be planned and developed in order to succeed some twenty-five years from now. A narrative report outlining discussions and conclusions was then published in a monograph released by Americans for the Arts.
  • Running Theaters: Best Practices for Leaders and ManagersExternal Link: Running Theaters: Best Practices for Leaders and Managers
    Duncan Webb’s first book reveals the best practices that consistently lead to operating successful theaters. Culled from surveys and interviews with more than fifty top theater managers and experts, this guide provides proven and successful strategies from managers, staff, and volunteer leaders covering virtually every aspect of running a theater: audience development, fundraising, facility development, programming, community involvement, and much more. Special sections cover physical maintenance, technology in theaters, staff and board development, and education in the arts.
  • An Overview of the Live Entertainment Industry
    As part of a study examining potential plans for the Merriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia, MD), Webb Management Services developed an overview of the live entertainment industry to bring some perspective to the question of the facility’s future. This report describes the history, current conditions and the prospect for live entertainment as an industry.
  • The Development of Performing Arts Facilities in Western Resort Communities
    Webb Management Services completed an examination of the unique factors that influence performing arts facility development in western resort communities. Interviews and research focus on the communities of Telluride, CO; Sun Valley, ID; Steamboat Springs, CO; and Jackson Hole, WY.
  • The Operation and Financial Performance of Historic Theaters
    Webb Management Services undertook a research project surveying all active historic theaters in North America and collecting information on their activities and financial performance. The results of this research were presented at the July 2001 Conference of the League of Historic American Theaters in New York City.
  • Best Practices in Municipal Cultural Affairs Offices in the United States
    Webb Management Services completed a research project for the City of Dallas, surveying arts councils and offices of cultural affairs nationwide in order to identify best practices in their operations of policy development, grant-making, the provision of technical assistance services, public arts programs, arts in education programs, and direct support for working artists.
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