The core of our practice addresses the development and operation of arts, cultural and entertainment facilities (existing or proposed), the entities that use, develop and operate them, and the communities they serve. These projects include front-end needs assessments, feasibility studies and business plans, pre-design research and services and project development delivered in collaboration with a range of partners.

needs assessment + feasibility studies: The development of studies that consider if and what facilities should be developed, improved or expanded in terms of the characteristics of the market and audience demand, user demand, current supply issues and the role that facilities may play in the advancement of a community, project or institution.

preliminary business planning: The preliminary business plan considers how facilities should be activated, owned and operated and sustained for the long term. This work is often undertaken independently in situations where a facility concept is already in place. It also frequently occurs in parallel with initial physical planning.

pre-design research + services: Once a project has been defined and begins to advance, we inform clients on specific issues such as financing options, real estate and site issues, project team selection and management, formalizing partnerships and project preparation.

project development services: More specific services address financial requirements, project management and preparation for operations as facilities are under construction. This includes real estate negotiations, executive search support, capital and operational costing, project management and bridge or start-up programming.

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