Christina KruiseChristina’s career as a researcher and producer focuses on the use of site and space in live performance.

Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, Christina’s only access to a stage was a casket bier in her parents’ funeral home. This experience of working ‘site-responsively’ as a child has continued to impact her career, first as a performer, and now as a practitioner and arts researcher.

An avid traveller, Christina’s loves for the unknown and for investigative performance frequently intersect. Working with a Bosnian architect and Croatian theatre producer, she created Unlisted in 2011. A site-based, performance as research project, Unlisted uses performance to engage curators, local and international artists, and community members in conversations about space, its use, and its function within a neighborhood. To date, the project has been produced in Belgrade and Pittsburgh, with future iterations planned for Montreal and Salvador, Brazil. In addition to Unlisted, Christina has worked extensively in Germany researching mixed-language performance and the intersections between language and perceptions of space. Her capstone project, funded by the Network of Ensemble Theatres, was a seven-month, long-distance collaborative project with a Berlin-based theatre ensemble. The project culminated in a weeklong think-tank critically examining collaboration and the fundamental differences that distinguish the German and American theatre models. Essays about Christina’s work have been published in multiple academic and arts journals, on the Art in Odd Places blog, and presented at the 2011 Theatre Communications Group National Conference.

Prior to starting at Webb Management Services, Christina was a Communications Consultant for the New York City Department of Education, where she played a key role in assisting 90 elementary and middle schools with the implementation of a new curriculum. She holds masters degrees in Performance Studies and Performance Research from the University of the Arts of Belgrade (Serbia) and the University of Warwick (UK), and bachelor’s degrees in Theatre Arts and Urban Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

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