Webb Management Services is a leading provider of project development, planning and consulting services for arts and creative entities with more than 250 completed assignments. The firm's clients include municipalities, colleges and universities, nonprofit arts organizations, community and private foundations, commercial developers, economic development agencies and other entities.

Webb Management Services offers a group of critical and effective services in cultural facility development and operations, planning, facilitation, and counsel and arts industry services. Our work is based on an approach that has been developed and employed successfully in many diverse assignments and communities.

  • Projects and planning efforts must be as inclusive and open as possible, encouraging all voices to be heard.
  • In-depth research is critical to any assignment.
  • Physical, operating and financial perspectives are critical and inter-related.
  • The experience of other communities and organizations provides important insight to any question or assignment.
  • The only certain factor in any initiative is change—we must be flexible enough in our recommendations to encourage and allow for new opportunities as they arise.
  • Our work is not intended to sit on a bookshelf, but rather to provide direction, a detailed roadmap and oftentimes a fundraising tool for those charged with turning the project into reality.

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